Medicine For The Whole Person – Geoffrey Douch

Anthroposophical medicine encompasses not only the body but also the soul and the individual biography, bringing a broader dimension to modern medicine. This book is a concise overview of the philosophy of anthroposophical medicine. It is also a useful resource book describing the main therapies, including rhythmical massage, hydrotherapy, sculpture therapy and therapeutic speech, and […]

Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America – Steven Foster, James A. Duke

Peterson The best-selling field guides of all time Medicinal plants are increasingly well regarded as supplements and sometimes as alternatives for prescription drugs. Steven Foster and James A. Duke have used recent advances in the study of medicinal plants and their combined experience of over 100 years to completely update the”Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal […]

Shiatsu – Oliver Cowmeadow

Developed from a traditional form of Japanese massage, Shiatsu is based upon the same philosophy and medical theory as acupuncture and other oriental healing methods. Literally translated, Shi-atsu means “finger pressure”, but practitioners also use their palms, knees and forearms, and employ stretching techniques. These combine in a simple but effective form of treatment used […]